(local branch of the National Council for the Divorced,

                 Separated, Widowed Friendship Clubs)

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Turn right into Towngate East (by the side of The Towngate Inn, which is now closed) and follow the road, when you reach the mini roundabout go straight over then follow the road until you have passed all the Industrial Units on the left hand side of the road and then you will see the sign post for the Deeping Sports and Social Club, turn left and the Car Park is straight ahead.
every Thursday 8pm til 11pm
For many years, since the inception of the National Council for Divorced, Separated and Widowed the NCDSW has been for people as specified in the title of the Club in and around different areas of the United Kingdom.
At the Head Office 2017 Annual General Meeting a proposal was made and agreed unanimously that married couples can now join and become members so they too can enjoy social evenings and make new friends.  The only stipulation is that they join as a couple and have a joint membership card and when attending come as a couple, that way there can be no instances of extra marital relationships being formed.  They will be issued with one membership card and the names on the card will be in the Mr & Mrs format.  The membership fee for a married couple will be £10.00 per year or part thereof and membership is renewable in January each year.  The weekly attendance fee when attending as a couple will be £8.00 on disco nights and £10.00 when we have a vocalist.
Our aim is to provide a social outlet where people can make new friends in a comfortable atmosphere and have some fun too - and sometimes friendships can become meaningful and that has to be a bonus! 
Deeping/Peterborough Phoenix opened in July 2009 and we are still here in 2017. We are not a dating agency or a counselling service, but merely a place to make new friends, socialise, and have fun.  We try to give our members a variety of entertainment with different DJs and entertainers. The Branch is absolutely non-profit making and all monies are used for, or towards, our members’ enjoyment, and is run by our own volunteer members. 
We have single people visit us from far and wide Peterborough, Market Deeping, Stamford, Spalding, Boston, Bourne, Nottingham, St Ives, and so many say there isn't a club like ours near to them.
Peterborough/Deeping Phoenix, is a branch of the National Council for the Divorced, Separated , Widowed Friendship Clubs, has been going for approximately 40 years and there are branches throughout the country. Their advertising media is the internet and they can be found on www.ncdsw.org.uk
The main aim of the NCDSW Friendship Clubs is to bring together men and women who all have one thing in common in that they are unexpectedly single again, ie. divorced, separated or widowed or those married couples that would like an evening out in pleasant surroundings and good company.  In this age of internet dating we are an ideal safe environment for a couple to meet for drink, chat and a dance.
For more information you can email us at info@deepingphoenix.co.uk or please call us on 
07954 437904
(If necessary leave your name, number and a brief message. We will call you back as quickly as possible)